Life is just a bowl of cherries!

Okay, I'm baack! I got a lot of kitteh love during my holiday trip. Cougar the cat was just plain great during my adventure of getting sick on clam pizza. I am allergic to clams, but the owners of the left-over clam pizza forgot that detail, which I had expressly mentioned the day before. I thought I was eating a slice of pizza with spinach and mushrooms, but whoa! These were some clam bits! OUCH! But, despite my uh... hugging the toilet bowl, Cougar was still present, and purring atop the other pillow when I stumbled back to bed. Cat purring is so soothing!

And, back to the subject line... this Norwegian Forest cat has a way with cherries. I can't link the high res version, but it's worth following the link to watch it.

Norwegian Forest Cat Playing with cherries. Direct link is here (1:14)

Human says: "Sebastian is a 12 year old norwegian forestcat. He is very funny especially when he finds cherries in a bowl."

Norwegian Forest cats are one of the few "natural" breeds in the cat world. They evolved without human intervention, but then became "show cats". YouTube below is from my favorite cat place, Pictures of Cats


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