The Maine coon Challenge- cat photography

This post is for Marion in Savannah, who has been a faithful reader and commenter from the get go.

So, Marion, you wanted more pictures of Tootsie? Here they are. But, trying to photograph a cat is, well, like herding cats. You know.

Tootsie loves her new feather toy. I brought the feather toy home, and she went nuts. It was near bedtime, and I hid it under the bed. She is really a good cat. Even though sometimes she may have run out of food in the early hours she doesn't get into the food bag. But, oh my, this feather toy was a totally different thing. So, in the early hours of first day of feather toy, I hear leaping about, scratching, and I feel energetic thumping all over the bed. I tried to ignore the situation. But, I finally gave in, and opened my eyes long enough to see that she had found the feather toy, and dragged it onto the bed.

She was as fascinated with the string as she was with feathers. I now take the precaution of removing the feather part from the string and pole whenever I am not present. I leave her the feather part. I hide the string and pole really really well!

polydactyl Maine coon cat
polydactyl Maine coon cat
polydactyl Maine coon catpolydactyl Maine coon cat

By the way, Tootsie is polydactyl. She has an extra "toe" on both front paws- in the "thumb" position. As you can see from the photos, she uses these to grab things- and, oh my, is she ever talented in grabbing the feather toy and all its parts! And, those paws hold on tight. Thank goodness there are no mice about. If there were, I suspect I would be treated to nightly presents.

Click on the label below, "polydactyl", for more polydactyl cats.


  1. Oh, she's beautiful! What a sweet face. I'm so glad she loves toys. Hoover's funny — he doesn't seem to know how to play with toys. He'll bat them once or twice, then walk away. Sigh... If you can find a toy called the "Cat Dancer," which is what I think is tight little rolls of cardboard on the end of a very springy heavy wire, get it. Even Hoover will play with that because it's completely unpredictable where it wiggles. I once clamped one end of it to a bookshelf, leaving the "business end" free to dangle, and Sweet Pea, now in St. Paul's churchyard, played with it so hard she pulled a muscle and hobbled around for 2 or 3 days. Then, of course, it was back to playing with the Cat Dancer. If you can't find one where you are let me know at mgpaquin AT aol DOT com and I'll snail mail you one. You've got a real winner there, and she'd probably go nuts over the thing.

  2. Thanks for the toy tip, Marion. I will definitely check it out! I look in the internet first, because it would be fun to see what kinds of cat toys are available. And, thanks for snail mail offer.. good to have your addy. VG


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