Cantaloupe- Yummy!

Another installment in the occasional series "What do kittehs eat?"

This one's for Marion in Savannah, who has been a faithful presence in the comments sections, and who also has MUCH kitteh experience. She mentioned that one of her cats had loved cantaloupe, to the extent of dragging the rinds out of the trash. Now that was one focused kitteh! None of my cats were into cantaloupe, but research on YouTube reveals that a lot of cats really really like cantaloupe.

This is mr. kitty in a cantaloupe-dedicated mood (100% attention):

And, this YT is fun (slice of life style) because it documents that of 2 kitteh Bengal siblings, Moe really likes cantaloupe, like yeowling for it, and Joe is totally NOT interested in cantaloupe:

Direct links to YTs: here and here.


  1. Thanks for letting me know that my kitteh wasn't nuts! (Well, at least about the cantaloupe eating...) I guess there are just some kittehs who have the "cantaloupe gene," while others, even from the same litter, don't.

  2. Hi Marion,

    There were quite a few YTs of kittehs eating cantaloupe, plus many remarks in the comments saying "oh, my kitty does too!".


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