Feline Follies- with the exceptional Fletcher Henderson

I'm always on the lookout for new kittey YouTubes that have something special about them. This one does. While the video quality is ~a B+/A- compared to the most excellent I've seen, the fun of watching the kittehs wrestle and play, plus the great choice of music puts it into the "must post" category for me. I love it when kitty YouTubes have great music, and identify it. So, it's an A+!

Human says in comments: "Our cats Nalu (Maine Coon Cat) and Max love to chase and wrestle. I put some of their recent tussles in this video with music from Fletcher Henderson's 'Sugar Foot Stomp'."

I hadn't heard of Fletcher Henderson before, but that's my failing. I did teh google. From part of wiki article- and it's worth reading in toto-

~~Henderson, along with Don Redman, established the formula for Swing music. The two concocted the recipe every swing band played from (i.e. sections 'talking' to one another, 'hot' swing). Swing, its popularity spanning over a decade, was the most fashionable form of Jazz ever in the U.S.

Henderson was also responsible for bringing Louis Armstrong from Chicago to New York, thus flipping the focal point of jazz in the history of the U.S.~~

Feline Follies

Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra play a rousing rendition of Fletcher Hendersons"King Porter Stomp" introduced by Joe E. Brown from the 1944 film "Hollywood Canteen."


  1. Thanks for posting my video! Glad you enjoyed watching our crazy cats playing. They're more entertaining than HBO!


  2. Bob- thanks for the great video.

    Great cats, great choice of music.

    I like cat YTs with music, and it's nice to find something out of the ordinary.


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