The Unified Catnip Theory- part 1

So, I've been wondering why kittehs, uh, "do silly things". Thus was born a continuing research project.

The first two kitteh YouTubes don't have music. But, they should! I could rip the YouTubes and add music, but I think that's unfair to the YouTube author. In lieu of that, here's the strategy- (yes, you can watch/ listen to 2 YouTubes at the same time)- If you want music, click on the first YT (thin bar) to start the music, and then click on the kitteh YouTube.

This one has music (and it's not the Everly Brothers!)

Click on these linkys to go directly to the YouTubes above- Everly Brothers, kitteh#1, kitteh #2, kitteh #3.

Now, about this "unified catnip theory" I'm working on? Data so far (verbatim reports), from humans of kittehs above: "strawberries act like catnip"..."Mimi is 4 years old female cat, she loves eating strawberry leave and red grape"..."Smokey rolling around all over the kitchen floor over a strawberry stem! I think theres a certain scent in strawberry stems that make cats act like their on catnip.. my cat also reacts this way when she smells mint gum"...


  1. a lot of people think cats are just lazy and theres not much to them.. but cats do certain things all the time.. theres more to cats then we think.. i heard they can make over 120 different noises.. but best of luck on your findings :)

  2. anonymous!

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the YTs. Kitteh #3 is one of the ones that particularly makes me laugh.

    I can't imagine that any cat lover really thinks there's not much to cats! And that they are just lazy.

    Well, um... I should add a slight caveat to that... as a result of my recommendation, one of my friends (or actually his girlfriend) went and bought a "turboscratcher" scented with catnip for their two cats.

    Right. All that happened was that one of them went and flopped down in the middle of it, and fell asleep.

    And, the vocalizations of cats is really an interesting topic. I once a few years ago tried to find some research as to whether there was some kind of universal "catspeak" vocabulary. Came up empty on that.

    But, I do know from my own experience with cats that any particular cat is pretty good at mentioning to humans (via noises) that the cat box REALLY needs to be cleaned out, etc. etc.

  3. Ooooh... Everly Brothers! Music from my childhood... I had a huge old marmalade cat when I was still listening to the Everly Brothers who would go nuts for ground allspice. He loved catnip too, but allspice would make him nuts. Exactly where that information fits into the Unified Catnip Theory escapes me...


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