Smallest Room in the House- another episode

Cat flushing toilet

No, this is NOT the YouTube of a cat flushing a toilet that has a gazillion hits.

But, I do like to celebrate relatively unsung "cat heroes". And, as his human says in the caption, "Welcome to the world of oscar the cat"

The cat toilet-flusher with a gazillion YouTube hits will be posted tomorrow.

p.s. I just watched this for the umpteenth time, and I am beginning to get the sense that the kitteh is frustrated that the water vanishes.


  1. My 15 yr old cat Max now has diabetes, and is randomly pissing all over the place.

  2. Oh BobbyG! I am so sorry about that.

    Poor kittey, poor you.

    I try to keep things here on a light note, but everyone who is a cat lover knows how hard it is when they start suffering. I just hate it.

  3. Bobby G,
    Dude, it is nice to see you around the Blogosphere again.
    I know the pain you have been though in the past year, my heart goes out to ya.
    Good luck with the cat but we both know what is coming.
    I heart ya, Busted.
    Been there.

  4. BobbyG, we're now dealing with our second diabetic cat, 2 insulin shots a day, etc. She's a female, but still misses the box half the time. So sorry about Max.


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