Cheetos- Yummy!

So, those of you who have been following my various kitteh posts will know that one of my YouTube "research interests" is "what do kittehs eat"- particularly, what "weird stuff do SOME kittehs like to eat?" These be unique kittehs.

I do a lot of "kitteh research" on YouTube, and I have to admit that the Kitteh Cheeto combo never occurred to me. Ever. But, then, serendipity intervened! So, I bring you this evidence. Cheetos! Even Hot Cheetos. I never would have thunk it!

Oh, my. Now this is really disappointing. I was planning to embed both videos, but the owner of the first has posted "embedding disabled by request". Sigh. It is SO frustrating when I have a plan, and then I discover this problem. I really don't understand. Why would someone post at YouTube, to get the vid out in public, and then add "no, no, no"?

Thus, I have only one embedded YouTube link. But, it really does stand on its own!


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