Reprise- one of my first finds- and still a favorite

French Maine Coon kitteh brushes her teeth.

I don't plan to reprise YouTubes I've posted very often. Like, almost never.

But, this one is just so wonderful, and I found it way back in the days where I was figuring out the basics- like embedding YouTubes. (ouch). This was the first YouTube I linked and then embedded. And, again, h/t to Busted for leading me through the process.

So, I'm making an exception and reprising this one- because it was a wonderful moment when I found it, and watching it made me think, well, yes, maybe I CAN do this sweet kitteh blogging thing! And I do love Maine Coon kittehs! And, this is one of those YouTubes that I've watched over and over.

Click here if you want to watch directly in YouTube.

p.s. I've just discovered that rivercat (YT moniker) breeds Maine coons in France. If you go to rivercat's home page you can find more wonderful pictures of Chiva, and same for other kittehs- click here

Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons, or on any label from the list at right, so see more posts on the subject.


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