Le chat- charmant et drole

I am always checking for the latest kitteh YouTubes, and my first search is always for "Maine coons". I found this charming and funny video a week ago, but I already had posts in the queue. Otherwise, I would have posted it immediately.

Unfortunately, I don't understand much of the song apart from "les chats" and "les pattes", but kitteh love is a universal language.

maine coon

Click "Maine coons on You Tube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.

I contacted Coockie's human via email, including both my broken French and a more elegant version, courtesy of my friend Punaise of FDL fame. Merci, Punaise!

The human of Coockie was kind enough to respond to my email (in better French than mine!). The song is from "Les Aristochats" (more on that later, I promise!). "Tout le monde devrait devenir un chat" (~everybody should become a cat).

Et merci en particulier a Coockie's "human" pour indulging my really bad command of the French language!

Aristochats! Alors, un bon mot pour les chats!

p.s. I've watched the video many times, and my guess is that Coockie is chewing on a child-proof plastic door lock in the second half of the video. Or, at least thinking that item will help open the toilet lid!


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