Kitteh loves socks, like catnip

Flash the cat loving on socks (1:00)

If you want music, start this first: (2:20)

Human says: "My kitty Flash loving on my socks... You'd think they had catnip in them the way she's rolling around and rubbing on it!" Hmmm.... Here is the direct link.


  1. I'm wondering how this will fit into the UCT. It definitely seems to expand it out of the "things to eat" realm. (Oh, gawd, at least I hope it does...!)

  2. Hi Marion- yes, well... I'll have to fit that in... or take a speculative stab at it *g*. The catnip thing definitely has to do with smell.

    But things that cats like to eat are certainly weird and varied. I have no theory about that. Except that cats are weird. *g*


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