Tout le monde veut devenir un chat

Thanks to Punaise of FDL fame for finding this YT for me, and to Coockie's human for info that helped him find it. It's from a Disney cartoon in French- Les Aristochats, and this clip has the song from the post just below- Tout le monde veut devenir un chat . Tres charmant! Merci, beaucoup. (p.s. song is from yesterday's post)

If you want to watch the American version too, link is below. I watched, just to get a sense of the lyrics. Kinda. But, the lyrics really aren't the same at all! I'm sure Punaise would back me up on this.

I much preferred the French version. It seemed so much more "cat like"! Hmmm... maybe because when spoken in a certain way, la langue fran├žaise sounds a lot like PURRING!

YouTube link English (American) version: Everybody Wants to be a Cat!


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