Ahhh... a very talented kitteh

I've been looking for quite a while for YouTube that I really like, showing cats doing "tricks". I chose this one, because Athena the cat is really into it. You will see what I mean, when you watch her wait patiently when trick time is interrupted by a phone call.

This the longest YouTube I've ever posted- I try to find videos that are 2 minutes max. This is 5:10 minutes, but Athena does ll kitteh tricks- up, spin, stand, rollover, dead, shake hands, high-five, jump over, jump up, jump down, hit the pom-pom. And, it's a sweet video.

The human doesn't say what type of kitteh Athena is, but she sure looks like a Maine coon to me. Maine coons are variously described as "gentle giants", "a tail with a cat attached" and "more like a dog than a cat". I'm not sure I buy the last one, except that they can learn tricks, and love to play fetch!

Direct link is here and here's a link to an earlier YouTube when Athena could do 7 tricks.


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