Tres charmant! Household avec 9 Maine coon kittehs!

ohhh... this is a wonderful YouTube. It's 4 mins long, longer than I normally post, but it's worth every minute. This Swiss household has 9 Maine coons, the special stars being the 6 new Maine coon kittens. Totally sweet! Totally charming!

I found this because I was checking out comments at YouTube about another really charming YouTube that I had found, and featured before. C'est ici .

And, I had a smile when I saw that one of the 6 new kitties (all with names starting with Z) was named Zizou! Way back when, my FDL pal Punaise had just gotten a new kitteh, and the Punaise household was going back and forth about what to name him. It was during the World Cup. I was rooting for the name Zizou, but, um, that name became a bit notorious. Sigh. The new kitteh in the Punaise household was named "Louis, le chat". Not sure which Louis they had in mind, with that name, though! Some of them are, er... a bit notorious, aussi!

Direct link to above, here.

ici Louis le chat (pour Punaise)


  1. Louis doesn't make it home every night (he's quite the nocturnal wanderer) but he did just now saunter through the door. For the time being he is declining interviews while he waits to meet with his agent and publicist.


  2. Punaise!


    Maybe Louis finally has a bead on the wild turkeys!

    I am so looking forward to Louis's first YouTube appearance. It would have to be carefully crafted of course, after a meaningful interchange between him and his agent and publicist!


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