Mirror Images- cats and space

I've long wondered about the way kittehs perceive our world, the world we find so "usual". I remember a friend telling me about the kitteh that loved to watch ballet on the telly. And then, would try to find the dancers after they went off screen, looking for them at the side and the back of the telly.

And then there's my own experience- kitteh is insistent about going outside, via the back door. But hey, it's snowing out there! Kitteh changes mind about going out via the back door. Then, runs to front door, with same insistence for going outside. But, then, hey it's snowing out there too! As Marion in Savannah has said in comments, it's a challenge to figure out what's going on in a kitteh's mind!

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  1. A cat running door to door in search of better weather inspired Robert Heinlein to write "The Door into Summer" which is how his wife explained what the cat was doing.

  2. Oh, thank you for that! So it wasn't just MY cat that did that!


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