Can Can Kittehs

I loved the original version of this, but it just called out for music! So, I added music.

UPDATE: There was a video here. It was uploaded by Valley Girl who used to run this blog. The video appears to have been pulled by YouTube which is why doesn't show on this page. 

I tried to find the video which I believe is of kittens doing the cancan but I don't know exactly what it is. I know people have come to this page via Google and they I had been disappointed because there's nothing to see :) . 

I apologise for this but you know videos on YouTube are often deleted because they are often in violation of their policies and/or copyright. That's why embedding videos on websites such as this one is a risky business because they have a lifespan which can be quite short. 

Here is a video of kittens set to music as a kind of substitute. This video has been around on YouTube since 2015 so I expect it to be there for the next five years as well!



  1. oh I love kitty sweet...

  2. enigma4ever-

    wow! so great of you to stop by an leave a comment! Thanks!

    I recognize your moniker from Busted's place!

    It's not like "kittehs" are my only interest, but sometimes it helps to chill from "reality" and go looking at kitty YTs. Sanity maneuver.


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