Who knew they were so concerned with their figures?

h/t to TRex for the title. TRex is a wordsmith nonpareil.

Ages ago, I sent TRex the YouTube link for November Gets on the Treadmill. I actually found it for a Neuroscience course I was teaching, but knowing what a kitteh lover he is, I had to send it to him.

I reminded him of this in comments at his last (for now) post at I Am Trex, during a blog party to send him off in style, to write his book. He's Gone Fishing'

TRex said in response:

I love that clip. It got me obsessed with cats and treadmills. There’s a whole subculture of YouTube clips out there of cats trying to exercise off that belly paunch.

Who knew they were so concerned with their figures?

TRex said he loved this one the best, among the YouTube subculture of cats on treadmills:

2 funny cats / kittens running on the treadmill


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