Water lovin kittehs/ Water of Love

Maine coons have a reputation for loving water- mostly they love to drink from the tap. Don't think that this is restricted to Maine coons, though. Another YouTube subculture to check out!

This, so far, is my fave, because I loved teh Maine coon, AND the jazz audio.


So, liking the jazz as much as the kitteh, I went off to YouTube to see if I could figure out what the instrumental was. No dice using "waterlove" or "water love". Nada for jazz. (If anyone recognizes it, please leave a note. I'd love to know.)

BUT! I found two YouTubes that are now on my fav list.

Water of love- CHORUS TV 1978 (Dire Straits)

Mark Knopfler - Water Of Love Bern 1996 (Dire Straits)

Teh toobz do go everywhere!


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