I did this for Busted, and all my kitteh friends

Ok, I kept sending Busted aka Ornery Bastard all of these great kitteh YouTubes I had found.

And, I really gotta say, I'm not sure he even opened most of the links, having his own kitteh stuff to deal with. Like, one way or another, he got given a Maine Coon.

So, being a YouTube addict (not such a bad thing) I decided to start posting the best of the kitteh YTs here.

Really, Busted, did you ever watch this?

Maine Coon Brushes Teeth in French

Oh, still trying to figure out how to link to a YT in the actual post.


  1. If I caught my cat doing that I would change my brand of toothpaste immediately, and get a new brush!
    Makes ya wonder what is going through the little buggers mind.....

  2. Hey Busted!

    Yep, I was really wondering about the back story on that YouTube! Like did they lace the brushes with anchovies? and/or what brand of toothpaste? I had all kinds of questions!

    I hope you know by now that there is really no point in trying to figure out what is going through a cat's mind (aka little bugger/s)!

    However, cat behavior does give rise to endless speculation!

  3. Hey Valleygirl.. nice kitty blog(:>))



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