Cats in High Places

I went looking for "cats on doors", but this turned up, and deserved a post on its own. Mr Bailey loves being on top of the rail at the top of the tub/ shower enclosure. We got some serious rail luv goin' on there!

Mr Bailey having fun -part 2

I contacted Mr Bailey's human (via email), just to make sure it was okay to give Mr Bailey this kind of press. And, I also wanted to know if I had heard correctly- that Mr Bailey is, indeed, PURRING.

His human responded: I checked with Mr Bailey, and he has no qualms with being on your blog. You do hear him purring in that video, and the videos where he does some of the same stunts on a folding door that separates our kitchen and dining room. He is a constant delight, and he refuses to allow our lives to be boring for a single moment.

Yep, I had already found YTs of Mr Bailey on top of the folding door, but I'm saving those for later!


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