Episode #1 of: "Uh, is this something we need to know?"

And, moving right along from the sublime (Dave) to the tasteless (IMO) Cat eats with fork and chopsticks

Having watched a lot of kitteh videos on YouTube, I have formed certain preferences and opinions. I found this one a good while back, while I was checking out key words like "cat" and "eat". Background research for what odd things kittehs will eat.

I just didn't know what to do with this particular YT video. Post it or not?

After a lot of thought, and having watched the video several times, I finally decided to post it. My view is that should be assigned to the category "Kitteh Exploitation". Am I totally off base here? This YT has gazillions of "hits".

Thumbs up, or thumbs down?


  1. Oh, my! Oh, dear... That woman needs to be put in a padded cell somewhere far, far away from that cat. I'm not going to ask how you find things like that because I'm afraid you'd tell me!

  2. Hey Marion!

    Glad you agree with my take!

    I stumbled upon it when using the combo of "cat and eat" when searching YouTube to find unusual things that cats like to eat.


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