All this for a can of tuna? - Public Service Announcement

I got off on a tear at YouTube, looking at what kittehs eat, and how they eat.

I gotta lot to come in posts that will follow, but I got momentarily distracted making a connection between canned tuna and "My Cousin Vinny" (see below).

So, here's the Public Service Announcement, from this link: .

Q: I ran out of cat food. Can I feed my kitty a can of tuna fish?

A: It’s OK to do this in a pinch, but don’t make a habit of it. The kind of canned tuna we eat contains an enzyme that destroys vitamin B1 in cats, according to the American Animal Hospital Association. If your feline regularly dines on tuna, he may get a B1 deficiency, which can result in loss of equilibrium, seizures and even death. That said, a can or so a month won’t harm him.

I tracked down the link to the American Animal Hospital Association , but you have to be a member to read, so I can't give you the goods as to what the original source said.

Kittehs do like tuna though. Call of the Tuna Fish

Just be careful about encouraging them. Be very very careful. Don't let teh kittehs steal a can of tuna! That could turn out to be a big problem, unless you have a Gambini lawyer to defend them. All this over a can of tuna?


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