Kitteh eats shoebox- Satisfaction?

Another installment of "What Kittehs Eat".

Uh, well I guess some like to eat shoe boxes. Shoebox-Destroying Cat. And, despite the title, watch carefully and you will see that Kitteh actually chows down on some of the shoe box cardboard.

So, you have two choices here. You can watch the YouTube in its pristine form. Or, if you want to hear it to the tune of Rolling Stones sound track, you can click on the Kitteh video, and then start the audio in box above. Yes, you CAN play two YouTubes at once. Your choice.

And, if you want to see the Rolling Stones without the kitteh, click here: The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" (rare). Uh, like, one of the commenters said "OMG I can't believe these guys are still alive". Well, so much for you, fan girl. Ha!


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