Kitteh toe lickin' - the Classical version

Honest! I went off to YouTube to try to find some vids of kittehs licking butter. When I was growing up, the tongue marks on the butter were just kinda like "how it was". No luck. At least nothing graphic.

But, AHEM, I found evidence that kittehs lick toes. Parental Guidance suggested. Cat licking feet Very misleading title.

Once again, this YouTube just begged for music. So, here's what to do:

Click to play the first YouTube (graphic kitteh), and then click to play the second YouTube (classical soundtrack). Yes, you CAN play two YouTubes at the same time.

On the other hand, you can just click on the kitteh YouTube alone w/o my suggested musical soundtrack. And, listen closely- it does sorta seem like a scene from a French movie. Your choice.

Call this one a kitteh and Segovia mashup. Or, w/o my added film score, a scene from a French movie.


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