Cats and Gloves

I happened to remember this from my kitteh memory bank:


Photo caption: Willy, a 1-year-old cat is photographed, July 20, 2006, with a display of several pairs of garden gloves that he took from unknown yards in his neighborhood in Pelham, N.Y. Willy has brought home nine pairs of gloves and five singles over several weeks laying them on his owners' front or back porches.

Sign says: "Our cat is a glove snatcher. Please take these if yours." I enlarged and Photoshopped the sign earlier, as seen here.

Here are two different links to the original article-
Cat burglar steals garden-gloves
and Feline felon suspected in glove thefts. Must read for any kitteh lover.

That set me on course to do some YouTube delving. And, I found another kitteh glove stealer. Human says in caption: Bartleby is a strange cat, he just can't get enough of my gloves. He steals them from me and eats the tops of the fingers.

This YouTube is longer than the ones I usually post- 3:45 - but I got so engaged in the glove fight that the time passed in an instant.

Bartleby Loves Gloves .


  1. There really is no explaining them, is there?! Hoover has a "thing" for small white fingertip towels. He purrs, kneads bread (down here we call it making biscuits), and nurses on the fringe. Some sort of "cloth mommy" I guess...

  2. Marion!

    Good to see you again.

    It's time for you to make that Hoover YouTube! That's one I haven't heard of before.

    A very discerning kitteh!


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