Post #2 (or 3) but after this, not gonna keep track

So, ever since "Baby Girl" got landed in Busted's lap, or rat hole, or whatever term he prefers, he and I have exchanged many emails. Right from the get go, I was pretty sure that he had a Maine coon on his hands, or whatever.

Me being a kitteh expert and all /snark.

But, I hope I am not giving too much away by saying that this is the YouTube I sent Busted that finally convinced him that Baby Girl was, indeed, a Maine coon. Same look, albeit different color.

And, even if, dear readers, you really aren't interested in the details above, this is just a totally hilarious kitteh video. "Jumpin Jack Flash", a Maine coon, is the orange one.

Maine Coons and Tabby Playing With Turbo Scratcher

And, I like the music. Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash (Live 1968). And, John Lennon at the very start. Look!


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