Watermelon- Yummy!

So. The research continues as to what will kittehs eat. I recently discovered via YouTube that there are a number of watermelon licking kittehs out there. Another YouTube subculture, identified.

I checked out a lot of these YouTubes, and I gotta say, they show the kittehs behaving very politely vis a vis the watermelons. No videos, so far, of kittehs dragging in semi-dead watermelons in the middle of the night, dropping them on the kitchen floor, and yeowling to get owner of said kitchen out of bed to admire kitteh prowess. I will continue looking.

These are among my favorites, chosen because of the up-close and personal look at kitteh tongue action. So tidy. So delicate.

watermelon cat

3antar the watermelon loving cat

And, as ever, it's hard not to free associate. In this case, jazz. Watermelon Man. This is one of my favorite YouTubes. It's from a Paris concert, a few months before Miles died. Every time I watch it, I just see and feel and hear the joy and the fun that was pouring out from the musicians and the music. The clip is long (over 9 minutes) but do yourself a favor and watch and listen.

Miles Davis and Friends - Paris 1991 - 02 - Watermelon Man

Miles Davis was one of the greats.


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