Cheetahs Purr- and are on the verge of extinction

Yes, well, that's not a great title for a "feel good" kitteh blog. But, the upside is that awareness of their precarious situation is important in doing what we can to save this wonderful big cat.

I stumbled on to this information when I was searching for great YouTubes of cats purring. As far as I have been able to find out, cheetahs are the only big cats that purr. And, along with that, they have a loving disposition.

[Update- cougars also purr- h/t to "Pictures of Cats" site owner for that info.]

Five links here- first two are YTs from a game ranger- I'd guess from Namibia, home of these big cats. Third and fourth links are from a site (best I've found) that describes why cheetahs are endangered, and what can be done to help. Fifth link is from the main site where I got the cheetah information, and has the Very Best Cat Pictures . All of the $ that this site earns go to several cat charities around the world.

Cheetahs purring and grooming the game ranger (me and my cats) (1:12) Direct link

Cheetah grooms and kisses/headbutts same game ranger (0:35) Direct link

Chart showing the decline in cheetah population throughout the world. Predicted extinction of population is sometime around 2015. Text and graph are from this link .

Here are two links from the site above, to read more about cheetahs: Endangered cheetah and Cheetah facts. And this is the main site "Pictures of Cats" that not only has great cat pictures, but also supports cat charities around the world Link to this fabulous site.

I have a more recent post on cheetah extinction, here. "Can Cheetahs outrun extinction? Only $120 left in the cheetah bank account"


  1. Hi Nice post Melody. Good stuff and thanks for those links. Keep it going. We've just head how many species are endangered (one quarter of all mammals). Humans must and I mean must change their ways.


  2. Hello there

    In many of the game resreves in South Africa they are continuously intorducing cheetahs from breeding projects to try increase numbers but it does'nt seem to help that much as so many cheetahs are dying every year, perhaps due to their weak immune systems and larger predators.


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