Miu Miu the cat handles the shower tap

In comment to an earlier post, Marion in Savannah said: I live in fear of a kitteh who solves the doorknob problem, however. Hoover is working on it from several angles...

Oh Marion, I have so many YTs in my library of cats opening doors. Including a few of kittehs opening doors that have round doorknobs. Please don't let Hoover watch YouTubes, especially this one. This kitteh can turn on the shower tap.

Direct link is here (1:43)

Human says: "Miu Miu and Gut Gut love drinking water fresh from the tap. Now they don't need my help to turn the tap on!!"


  1. Yikes!!! I'm going to have to install a power-on password on my computer just in case Hoover finds your site! If he does learn to use the doorknob I do hope he's polite enough to close the door behind him...

  2. Marion, your comments about Hoover, here and before are so funny. Time to get out a video camera (or what ever they're called) and capture a few Hoover moments for us? Post on YouTube? I would enjoy that.


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