If I were this cat, I'd think humans are damn strange

I've never owned a "purebred" cat, and I've never been to a cat show. I've watched several YTs of kittehs getting judged at cat shows, and mostly they look like travails for the cat. But, apparently this show thing is an important part of being a Human who breeds cats. Not so sure it's very nice for the kitteh. But, I have to congratulate this Maine coon on taking the high road. She pretty much ignores the whole mess.

And some perspective, from my readings-- many breeds of kittehs, including Maine coons, are subject to genetic diseases, and professional breeders do a good job of testing their kittehs, and making sure that the genetic diseases are not passed along. Maine coons can suffer from hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. For more info, go to this page from Pictures of Cats

Cat show in Norway Maine coon Biloxi's Jewel being judged. Direct link is here (3:24)


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