Gary the horse riding cat is a long tall Texan

Direct link is here (1:38)

Direct link is here (2:33)

Above is Beach Boys recording. Lyrics are here. Yeah, I guess that's okay, because they didn't mean "that one", if yanno what I mean. That "all hat, no cattle" commander guy, via the brilliant darkblack.



  1. Pardon, ma'am, but...Who's thet Connecticut Yankee at th' bottom thar?

    Prob'ly tries to milk hosses on his greenhorn ranch...male hosses, thet is.


  2. hehe...

    I dunno. oh, wait, oh my... I am getting into dangerous territory here... however....

    Oh, wait, better I keep my mouth shut... but my imagination is reeling.. I'm thinking about all of the foreign dignitaries who have visited...


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