Kitteh chooses diz guise- Halloween costume?

Siberian kitteh (featured in this YT) sez Hai, I can haz diz Halloween costume? K, thx, bai.

Direct link is here (0:20)

Siberian cats are a "natural" breed (as are Maine coons and Norwegian forest cats), that is, they evolved as a distinctive type in their natural environment long before humans intervened to direct their mating.

To see what one looks like go here . She's trying to hide in a cardboard box. Hmmmm... maybe it's a "hiding from predators" behavioral instinct.

And, for more background information about history of the Siberian cat, and more great pictures go to this extensive article at Pictures of Cats.


  1. Too cool! Kitteh can get those kibbles through that hole in the bag, but I think eating a cheezburger would be a problem...


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