Vinski giving a tummy rub to his brother Ukko

These are Norwegian Forest cats, a natural or traditional cat breed that has a centuries-old history in Norway as domestic pets. It is generally agreed that they were part of the founder lineage of the Maine coon, another natural cat breed. There aren't too many YouTubes of Norwegian Forest cats that actually show them close up. At a distance they look quite like Maine coons, and their behavior seems quite similar.

These YTs are the first I've found that allowed me to see the difference- which is mostly in the shape of the head and face. And, these are just sweet, beautiful kittehs. Ooohhh... listen to the Purring. I really like kitteh YTs with music. Especially with kitteh music. :)

Direct link is here (0:22)

And a longer tummy rub...Direct link is here (1:04)

Here's a YT that has lovely pictures and music and tells briefly the story of the Norwegian Forest cat. Direct link is here (1:59)

Above YT was made by the person who publishes/writes the Pictures of Cats site, which, in addition to having great cat pix, also has a wealth of information about cat breeds, and much more. It's my favorite kitteh site. And, all $$ raised there are donated to cat charities around the world.


  1. They got lots of hair around the neck like a Maine Coon.

  2. Hey busted! yep. That's why I found it hard to see the difference from afar. All three of the probably related cat breeds, Norwegian Forest cat, Siberian and Maine coon have really similar coats and tails. Adapted to the same environment, with similar looks and behavior. So my research has told me.


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