Different kitteh, same generic mirror- Ka-thunk!

In response to an earlier post Cats Do Not Understand Mirrors Ka-thunk!", Phoenician in a Time of Romans said "I'm pretty sure the kitteh is trying to figure out which one of them is dominant - not particularly easy when dealing with a mirror...". That comment got me to go look for more kitteh YTs with mirrors.

Amazingly, I found one that shows a different kitteh, Ragdoll not Bengal, and in a different household, but same behavior, in front of the same type of full wall mirror. Behavior- kitteh fluffing up and arching his back to look bigger. And, another "ka-thunk"! And, growling.

Direct link is here (0:51)

Human says: Here's our American Ragdoll kitten, Mr. Bigglesworth, wigging out on his own reflection in the mirror. He's about 6 weeks old in this video. Mr. B only did this crazy thing with the mirror for about two weeks after we got him. After that, I guessed he learned the reflection was not a threat (LOL). He was kinda 'psycho' for the about the first 6 to 9 months, but he continues to mellow out and he seems to get sweeter and more of a cuddler as time goes on. He is just over a year old at this point and pretty mellow, although he still has his 'crazy time' now and again.

p.s. Michael of Pictures of Cats has a great informational video about ragdoll cats here, and more details are here. One of the unusual and intriguing aspects to the history of the Ragdoll cat is that the breed originated from "free roaming" non-purebred domestic cats, in the early 1960s, initially by mating a Persian "type" cat with a Birman "type".


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