Tabby kitten with the cutest voice rescued from Los Angeles' streets


A kitten who has been named Cindy Lou Who was rescued from Los Angeles' streets and found her way to a foster carer of cats, Aly. Aly says that Cindy Lou was shaking and hissing whenever people got too close. But she was meowing in hunger as well. She was torn between two things; getting food while being fearful of the people who wanted to give her food. So as you can see Aly put some enticing food on a spatula and gingerly handed it out to Cindy who licks it off. It's the beginning of socialisation I think. She began to emerge from her hiding place.

Aly did her best to reassure Cindy Lou and, "The moment she realised I was here just to give her food and water, she immediately started purring". She became much more friendly and lost some of her shyness. It all happened in 24 hours. Quickly thereafter Cindy Lou climbed out of her bed and crawled up her foster parent's lap. She then fell asleep. 

She's fallen on her feet in a beautifully warm and friendly home. It couldn't have been better for Cindy Lou. And she knows it. There are other cats to play with too. She meows so loudly that Ali can hear in the next room when she stops. Ali thought that she was being trained to come in when the purring stopped!

Cindy Lou likes to climb up Aly's back and loves shoulder snuggles. She now eats on her own and she's found her confidence and her personality. Ali said that "She's a very opinionated girl and determined to do whatever she wants."

It's a lovely little story of one more unwanted kitten finding a home thanks to volunteers who take pleasure in saving the lives, which is what comes down to, of kittens like Cindy Lou.


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