Direct Line Pet Insurance (video) - I recommend it.


Yes, I'm going to push Direct Line pet insurance. I think that it is the first time I've done this. I like Direct Line as an insurance company. This is unusual for me because I dislike insurance companies generally. 

My car is parked on my front drive in front of my house. About a year ago a woman totally unknown to me drove onto my front drive and hit my car. I think she was drunk and/or mad. She was visiting a neighbour and got the house number wrong. I remonstrated with her. I criticised her, obviously. The only good thing she did was to ring my doorbell to explain what she had done.

So the damage to my car was entirely of someone else's doing. With difficulty I got the woman's insurance and personal details. She was insured with Direct Line insurance. I telephoned them to explain the situation. At that time I was not insured with Direct Line. Direct Line agreed to pay for the repair of my car. We did all this without any reference to my then insurance company. They were kept out of the picture completely and therefore my insurance premiums did not go up. They were untouched by this accident.

I was impressed by the willingness of Direct Line to deal with my enquiry. There were no arguments about it. They made all the arrangements at a local garage and I got a replacement car of high quality while my car was being repaired. All of this was paid for by Direct Line who had insured the car of the person who I did not know but who regrettably drove into my car on my porch.

The experience was good despite the very bad experience of my car being hit by a complete stranger. The experience encouraged me to change my insurance policy for my car to Direct Line. I'm happy with them and I always found them useful. One of the great benefits I think with Direct Line is that you can telephone them and receive an answer quickly. They communicate well. This is vitally important to insurance policyholders because they're making a claim. Making claims follow a situation which is often stressful. In relation to cats and dogs it's going to be about the animal's health. It might be serious.

In relation to cars it's going to be after an accident that you require the help of your insurance company. These are both stressful situations and therefore good communication by the insurance company is vital to dissipate that stress and to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. That's why I recommend Direct Line.


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