Sessions of love between cat and human

Sessions of love between cat and human
Sessions of love. Screenshot.

This is a beautiful little video of sessions of love between domestic cat and human. You know how it is: the loving starts spontaneously. Hell, I'd say that it is the cat who normally starts them. But the human has got to be sensitive to their cat's body language and behavior and they have to create that loving feeling in the home. It's the background love and emotional warmth that leads to the love sessions that we see in the video. A lot of human care and attention goes into getting to this state of affairs but it is not hard work. It just comes naturally to the person who genuinely loves their cat companion.

So, do the loving sessions last longer if the cat starts them or the human? What do you think? I think that you'll find that it depends which of them is most likely to stop the session first. My guess is that normally humans stop before cats because cats can go on for ever. Well almost (by settling down on your lap for instance). And also it is the human who is delivering the petting. But the cat is delivering plenty of head butting and similar actions. 

If I am correct about who stops first it means that if the person starts the love session it will last longer because the person has demonstrated a commitment to it. They want it and are therefore more likely to continue it for a decent length of time. If the cat starts the person might not be in the mood and it will stop sooner. I am not sure if this is important. Probably not. But the more and the longer the better as it strengthens that all important bond from which great pleasure is derived.

Note: Sometimes embedded videos such as this one stop working for reasons beyond my control and if that has happened I am sorry.


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