How to wind up and calm down a kitten!


The video is called "How to calm down a kitteh!". I think it should be called, "How to wind up and calm down a kitten"! The owner drives this sweet little black kitten to distraction with his play. It's quite easy to get a kitten wound up like this when playing because they love to play. As you can see the kitten bites and scratches the man's hand. The experts say that you should not use your hands as a cat play toy. It's a bad habit because the kitten or adult cat get used to that piece of your anatomy as a toy and it can be hard to remove the habit. But this is not a major criticism; just an observation.

And then the man says that it's time to stop because his hand and forearm is mangled! And so he pushes his thumb against the kitten's forehead. This is just gentle stroking which helps to calm his kitten down and in any case the kitten is probably exhausted judging by the amount of vigourous play that he has been involved in.

Click on this link to see a lot of instructive articles on cat play.

It's a cute video but I think the lesson is that you shouldn't play like that with your hand. The lesson is that you should play with a cat tease which as you know as a feather on a stick or some such device. You can play as much as you want because kittens have an almost inexhaustible desire to play and when they want to stop through tiredness they will stop. It's play-hunting basically. That's why it always ends up with bites and the bitten person or cat might complain just like this guy did. I'm not sure why the video has received more than 4 million hits because it's pretty ordinary but it was published in 2011 which is about 10 years ago!

I shouldn't be too critical because we all love to see kittens enjoying themselves and a loving relationship between a cat guardian and their kitten.

Note: Sometimes videos stop working for reasons beyond my control and outside of my notification. Sorry if it has.


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