Mouse promenades down car wiper blades while car is on motorway


This is not exactly about a cat or a kitten but is not that far from it because cats chase mice but there's no cat chasing this one because it's on the wiper blades of a car while the car is travelling down the road. The mouse emerged from the engine compartment where he had been warming himself during the cold weather. As the car moved off he was disturbed. The driver, Sally Hall, 55, was obviously very surprised to see him as was her daughter. You can hear them both discussing it as their drive along.

Sally was towing a horse box van at the time, apparently, on the M25 or perhaps approaching the motorway because she is travelling quite slowly although we are told that she claims to be travelling at 55 mph. It doesn't matter much because it's unique to see a mouse clamber out of the engine and then promenade along the wiper blades. The Times newspaper tells us the mouse was rescued but the caption under the video does not provide us with such optimistic reporting.


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