Unwanted high filial Savannah cats


This video highlights a hidden problem with this wonderful cat breed. This is the Savannah cat which is often bred to a high filial level. By this I mean that often they are F1 or F2 Savannah cats. In the case of the F1, the father of the cat is a serval, a medium-sized wild cat species. The mother will be a domestic cat probably a tabby cat or another Savannah cat. It is these very classy and impressive and indeed large domestic cats which can sometimes be unwanted, remarkable though that might sound because they are expensive.

You can pay $20,000 for one of these cats. In the video you see a cat whose name is Loki. A beautiful cat but whose home now will be at Big Cat Rescue. This is because the owners divorced and I guess neither of them wanted to keep this cat. Perhaps they found out that it is not easy to look after a top-quality first filial or second filial wild cat hybrid. There's lots of wild cat in them. For a lot of people there is too much wild cat in these hybrids. They require a particular type of person to look after them.

And they require a particular type of situation for them to be suitable as domestic cats. You need space and you need the time to look after them as they can be more demanding. They are quick, intelligent and athletic and they occupy more space. They need to express their hunting skills because that wildcat energy and desire is right there in front of you. A lot of people select these cats because of their appearance which is obviously impressive but they forget that the management and care of these cats is at another level compared to the regular domestic cat.

A great problem with adopting cats and dogs is that a lot of people don't really dig deep enough and ensure that they have the time and the funds to look after their companion animal to a satisfactory level. This applies to ordinary random read domestic cats but when it comes to these classy wild cat hybrids there are added demands and so due diligence before adopting is vital if the situation that we see in the video is to be avoided. This ultimately is an abandoned cat. It is a great shame that Loki had ended up add a cat rescue centre albeit a good one.


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