Two bison rangers required in the UK to care for a herd of 4 bison

This is "the job of a lifetime" (Mark Habben, head of living coolections at the Wildwood Trust). This is a very interesting job for a couple of people who don't have to have a lot of experience with bison but they do need to have a knowledge and passion about ecology, conservation and the environment together with the ability to transmit their knowledge to people who will arrive in the spring of 2022 at a 500-acre fenced enclosure for the UK's first bisons. The bison will live, hopefully, contentedly in a custom-built enclosure at Blean Woods near Canterbury. This is a project by Kent Wildlife Trust and the Wildwood Trust as part of their Wilder Blean Project.

We are told that bison are a peaceful animal and they are good for the landscape and wildlife. They fell trees by rubbing against them and eat the bark. They create light in woodlands and provide deadwood for plants and animals.

Bisons also dust bathe which is helpful to provide a habitat for insects and lizards. The two new posts will go to a couple who are expected to conduct health and safety checks and maintain infrastructure and visitor interactions. Training will be given to the applicants and they will have a trip to the Netherlands for training there as they have bison in that country.

Yes, I know that this has nothing to do with cats but the ambit of this website, as the title tells us, is wider than kittens and adult cats. I feel that I am free to discuss bison in the UK! It's going to be great and highly unusual. There is pressure in the UK to re-wild parts of it; to turn the clock back. The government is also discussing, or at least thinking about, the possibility of rewilding lynx into the UK. This is a medium-sized wild cat species as you probably know. There is resistance from farmers but the general trend is towards introducing them. They would be a great tourist attraction.


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