Tell me if you think this dog risks harming kittens in his bed

This video is very popular having received 14 million views. Personally, I don't see it. I don't see the attraction. I must be an exception. I see a big Golden retriever reacting to the fact that there are some almost newborn kittens in his soft and comfy bed and his reaction, as far as I can see, jeopardises the health and welfare of the tiny kittens.

It is called: "Golden Retriever React to Tiny Kittens in His Bed"

No one seems to recognise that potential. On one occasion he almost walks on a kitten which would have probably killed it. And the video has been edited with a piece cut out of it. What happened during that clip?

All in all, for the life of me, I don't see why this video has been seen 14 million times. What do you think? Please comment.


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