Kitten's life transformed from broken to healed and healthy in loving home

A small kitten named Wicket was found abandoned near a dumpster and had severe injuries, including a broken jaw and a broken leg. Hearthside Cats, an animal rescue organization in New York, was notified about the kitten and took her in to provide care. 

Wicket before and after
Photos: Hearthside Cats.

Despite the severity of her injuries and her small size (weighing only 11 ounces), Wicket had a strong will to live and received round-the-clock care, including antibiotics, pain medication, and syringe feeding. With time and supportive care, Wicket began to heal and gain weight, and her upper respiratory infection and wounds in her mouth cleared up. 

Wicket befriended the fosterer's dog
Wicket befriended the fosterer's dog. Image: Hearthside Cats.
"The first couple weeks were day by day with syringe feeding, antibiotics, and pain medication provided by her loving medical foster (carer),"Ashley Anderson of Hearthside Cats.
"Wicket would not only live, she would thrive. Both her jaw and leg would heal without surgical intervention....Wicket is living her best life with one of the caring technicians who helped to save her and fell in love with her in the process," Ashley.

She also made friends with the resident dog at her foster home. Over the next three months, Wicket continued to make progress and did not require surgical intervention for her broken jaw or leg. She has now fully recovered and is a happy, healthy, and playful six-month-old kitten who is loved by her adoptive family.


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