Ukrainian soldier with tabby cat and feline reinforcements!

Here is a cool picture tweeted by the Defense of Ukraine Twitter account. I always love to see the Ukrainian soldiers receiving some love from a domestic cat who's probably a stray having lost their owner to death or disappearance. Here, with soldiers, they can find some human caregiving and contact. We don't know for how long. This war - Putin's invasion of a sovereign territory - is appalling. The Russian war crimes are horrendous. I hope they pay the price. A war tribunal is being set up as I understand it both inside Ukraine and in Northern Europe (believed The Netherlands).

Ukraine soldier with tabby cat
Ukraine soldier with tabby cat. Image: Twitter.

And here is a funny response also from Twitter:

Feline reinforcements arrive to defend Ukraine
Feline reinforcements arrive to defend Ukraine. Image: Twitter.

I should not omit dogs. They also provide a lot of comfort to the Ukraine military and vice versa. They have a home for a while. But life is very fragile. These human-to-cat relationships are liable to be shattered at any minute.


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