Black kitten unboxed!

 You know how some people make videos of the un-boxing of a fresh, new product such as an iPhone. These videos are very welcome to product fetishists. The box is almost as important as the thing inside it. In fact boxes can be quite important because it tells you quite a bit about the quality of the product contained within the box! Enough of that.

@savannah_gamblin Welcome baby Azul 💙#kittens #catsoftiktok #fyp #viral #animals ♬ original sound - Savannah Gamblin

Well here we have a black kitten who is being unboxed on video. We don't know much about the back story. I have gleaned a little bit because this is a kitten box with air holes and a handle. On the side it says "Cats Are Angels with Whiskers". Indeed they are. Until they scratch you when playing with you! Forget about that, it's not important.

Kitten unboxed
Kitten unboxed. Screenshot. "Cats are angels with whiskers".

Here is the same video. It is a backup copy incase the one above goes wrong 😃.

My guess is that this is a rescue cat from an animal shelter. And it appears that the adopter has an existing, resident, adult black cat. You see the adult go up to the kitten as the kitten clambers out of his customised box.

This was the first introduction between these two and I hope that it went well. Introducing a new cat to a resident cat can be problematic and often is. It is probably a good idea to adopt a kitten as the incoming cat because I feel that they are less threatening to a resident adult cat and therefore there is less opportunity for aggression and rejection by the adult cat.

Tip for gradual introduction of an incoming cat to a resident cat

An alternative scenario might be that the adult cat is a female who gave birth to kittens and that this kitten has been to a veterinarian. They've just come back and so the mother is greeting her offspring. She looks a bit apprehensive. This would be normal as the kitten would smell of the clinic not her kitten. Cats rely on smell to identify other cats including their own.

I am guessing wildly. The important thing is that it is a cute video. Kittens are incredibly cute with their vulnerability and huge round eyes and gentle inquisitiveness.


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