Crying cat wanders into the backyard of a shelter asking to be let in

Sigmund the cat - photo: Detroit Community Cat Rescue
Sigmund the cat - photo: Detroit Community Cat Rescue.


This is the story of a cat named Sigmund (also known as Siggy) who was rescued by the Detroit Community Cat Rescue (DCCR). Sigmund is an orange and white tomcat who was found wandering near the shelter by Liz Haack, the DCCR Shelter Manager. When she offered him food, Sigmund eagerly accepted and allowed Liz to bring him inside the shelter. Sigmund is estimated to be between 3 and 5 years old and had likely lived outside for his entire life before being rescued. He is described as being very friendly and affectionate, with a constant purring motor. Sigmund tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), but this does not prevent him from living a normal, healthy life. After spending several months at the shelter, Sigmund was adopted by a young man who fell in love with him after reading his story. Sigmund is now living in a loving home and is very happy.

Quotes from shelter manager

Liz Haack, DCCR Shelter Manager said:
"Apparently, he knew right where to come. I ran outside to the driveway with a can of food."

"I quickly got permission from the director to try to bring him in. He let me pick him up with no issues and seemed so happy to be taken inside."

"He was very outgoing. Even when I brought him inside, he was never shy or nervous. He was very vocal and demanded pets whenever someone was around at the shelter."

"He is one of the sweetest cats ever. He looks kind of rough and tough but he's a big lover."

"This guy is a total beefcake meets playful sweetheart. He loves getting brushed, and lots of attention. He does not love other male cats, and when you stop petting him on his giant head."


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