Arabian Peninsula ginger tabby Scottish Fold dressed in a thawb

Ginger tabby in a thawb on the Arabian Peninsula
Ginger tabby in a thawb on the Arabian Peninsula

A cute video but what can I say, I don't really like seeing cats dressed up in human clothes. And the owner takes money from someone. Was it because he was entertained by the ginger tabby in a thawb? A thawb is the gown worn by men on the Arabian Peninsula. I've just learnt that.
Arabian cat
by u/VanillaAdventurous74 in cats
The cat is a ginger tabby and therefore male. And as he has flattened ears, he is either a purebred Scottish Fold (my preferred assessment) or a random bred cat carrying the Scottish Fold genetic mutation.

The cat is a status symbol. These guys like to drive around in a flash car with a flash cat showing off. That's what it looks like. No criticism intended.

Here is something similar:

Pet cheetah Middle East
Pet cheetah Middle East. Image in public domain.


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