Is Cartoon Cat a creepypasta?

One person answers the question on a forum website and they say that Cartoon Cat is not a creepypasta. Yes, there was one answer to the question. Now there are two!! What is creepypasta? Who is Cartoon Cat? As I understand it, "creepypasta" is a sort of slick, hip but misleading description for unnerving stories posted on the Internet designed to shock people. 

It seems to me that the scary Cartoon Cat could be involved in a creepypasta story. His whole reason for existing is to scare people and create creepypasta so I disagree with the guy who says that Cartoon Cat is not creepypasta. 

I think I see the point, though. The individual character called Cartoon Cat is not creepypasta because he is an individual. However, he can be involved in creepypasta horror stories because that's his purpose in life. Phew, I think I've got that out of the way.

Cartoon Cat
Cartoon Cat. Photo:

It is a bit surprising because when I went onto the search engine Bing looking for "cartoon cat" the search engine produced reams of videos of this scary cartoon character called Cartoon Cat. He is a modern character and he is not created in the genre of cartoon cats. Cartoon cats are funny and sweet and the best ones originate from many years ago. The quality declined over the years.

The website gives us a very long and detailed biography of Cartoon Cat. This slender, black, footless and about 8 feet tall cartoon cat is the creation of a Canadian horror artist Trevor Henderson. And this cat does resemble the very early cartoon cats and I'm referring to one in particular, Felix the Cat, who was a star of the silent era, first appearing in movies in 1919. I think Mr Henderson based his character on this genuine, early cartoon.

It is said that the first or "predecessor image" of Cartoon Cat was posted online by Mr Henderson in 2018. It was described as a large creature resembling a black-and-white rubberhose cartoon creature! It was sitting in an abandoned building leering at the camera from around the doorframe. The creature was similar to the evolved version with huge eyes, stretchy limbs, and crooked teeth.

The cat is certainly weird because in the pictures that I have seen of him he has no feet and his hands are large covered by white gloves or that's what it looks like. I guess they are covered by white fur which in cat fancy language is called "mitted". That's a little bit of useless information. Apparently, it (he or she?!) can changes form and size at will.

This is because the limbs are stretchy and squishy. In other words, he is malleable and shape shifting. The powers endow him with a sinister public profile. say that Cartoon Cat's current form is taken from a character from some old show in 1939 that was abandoned.

The character loves to commit vicious violence. His true crimes are hidden apparently. It's just his presence that we see but we don't know about the crimes he committed. I've made the assumption that the cat is masculine by the way. Perhaps the cat has no gender. I think that is probably likely to be correct.

Clearly, Cartoon Cat has caught the imagination of a lot of young people. The guy in the video on this page is that typical sort of young person who gets involved with this cartoon character. He speaks very fast, is smart and energetic. The kind of human character you need to be to be successful on you tube. The two go together.


  1. Cartoon Cat's predecessor image was posted online by Trevor Henderson on August 4, 2018. In the photograph, a large creature resembling a cartoon creature with a rubber hose in black and white sits in an abandoned building , lasciviously staring at the camera from a doorway. The creature is similar to Cartoon Cat: jet black, huge eyes, crooked teeth, and slender limbs that end in white-gloved hands, but its head is shaped more like a dog or mouse. The image was captioned "they are like your favorite cartoon", suggesting that this is just one of the Cartoon Cat-like monsters, or maybe an alternate form. Later, on August 10, a second photograph was published, with the caption "What was found in the dirt mall." The photograph was of an abandoned mall with a full-length view of Cartoon Cat walking towards the camera with a mischievous smile and wide eyes. This is the first image of Cartoon Cat in its most recognizable form, with a round head and pointed ears, although it has no visible tail or feet of any kind, with its legs ending in blunt points.

    Five days later, on August 15, a third picture of the Cartoon Cat was posted with the caption "All the classics are coming back", with Cartoon Cat standing in the middle of a crossroads at night. The photo appears to have been taken from inside a car, the headlights being the only source of light that shines on Cartoon Cat, although it only illuminates its arms and legs due to Cartoon Cat's height. This is the only photo up to the that Cartoon Cat has visible "feet" (consisting of simple ovoids with no fingers) and a long, hose-like neck that extends to the ground, with the head sliding to the side of the car. appears to have extremely dilated pupils or possibly hollow eye sockets.

    On August 22, a fourth image titled "Para ti, anon" was posted. This was another full-length view of Cartoon Cat, standing in front of an abandoned building, her entire body leaning and swaying with her mouth open. Once again his feet are missing.

    1. Thanks for this. I don't understand a word of it 😎.

  2. I'm a fan of cartoon cat I saw once actually and I broke my neck

  3. The photo gives me the creeps

  4. I had to hit it with a wrench

  5. And then I saw I was hallucinating so I hit my mom (+_+)


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