Transwomen can be mothers. 'I'm your mother' he says tearfully.

Not about cats today. Ran out of things to say. But this is probably more important right now. It is certainly the topic of the month. But I am not going to comment on it. Well not much. Funnily I have two good friends who live nearby who are gay. They are males and they used a surrogate mother to give them a daughter. They have a great daughter and they raise her very well. But they are not trans. They are gay men of the type that we are used to seeing. Good guys. Intelligent and sensible.

But someone has called these two psychopaths. Is that fair? It can't be. It is cruel. It is transphobic. It is sexist and biased and all the other bad things that people say about the LGBTQ community. It is the reactionaries speaking. The mainstream who hate the fringe people, the outsiders.

A couple of women or a couple of men in a good relationship can raise kids very well and certainly to a standard that is as good as married couples. BUT there is a weakness which is obvious: in the former there no true father figure and in the latter, there is no true mother figure.

I think a child needs both to be raised to the best standard. But in homes where kids are raised by a woman and a man the standard of parenting can be so bad that it masks or destroys the benefits of conventional parenting.

This is why gay guys can do as good a job as conventional parents and often better. I think this couple of transwomen are disliked by the tweeter because they are so overtly trans and gay.

They are having difficulties in getting a birth certificate. The systems in places are not that good for trans people it seems. We don't know how this couple got their child. No idea. There are legal and non-legal routes.

Although my friends navigated it in the UK very well. They are a fully recognised, bona fide family in law and in every respect. They occasionally meet up with the birth mother.


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