I feel sorry for this kitten, a father's surprise present for his army of kids

I feel sorry for this kitten, a father's surprise present for his army of kids

A nice gesture by the dad but I feel sorry for the frightened kitten brought into a home where there is an army of kids which inevitably means a ton of noise and disruption; the opposite to what cats need and enjoy. Especially kittens. I bet there is nothing in the home to make is interesting for a cat such as climbers and scratching posts etc.

And the way he brings the kitten home in a paper bag of the kind for inanimate objects bought at a shop does not look good to me. I don't see this working out great for the cat. I see the beginnings of neglect due to incompetence. I see a frightened kitten growing up fearfully and becoming anxious.

I see kids mishandling the cat and the kids getting scratched. Problems all the way because of a lack of preparation in terms of education on cat caregiving.

But that's me: somewhat cynical and pessimistic. You get that way when you are 74 years old. You've seen all the problems that can happen and think they will happen.

It just may work out because the girl who is overcome with emotion at the new kitten may save the day with her love and kindness. She may raise the kitten superbly and protect her from harm. 

The kitten is a calico or tortoiseshell and therefore female and more likely to be timid. A boy screams in the background. And all those faces staring down into the bag can't be good for the kitten's feelings. I hope it works out. I sigh at the prospect of this adoption failing.


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