Put an ice cube on your cat and see what they do

What can one say about this silly TikTok video. The video maker has dreamt up a way to try and provoke a response from a very laid-back blue British Shorthair cat by placing an ice cube on them while they are minding their own business on a cat tree. And guess what? Nothing happens.

Put an ice cube on your cat and see what they do

Despite that disappointing result the video has garnered 45.3 million views!! Something has gone bananas on the internet. The video is worth about 45 hits. 

Anyway, is it a good idea to place an ice cube on your cat. It is obviously very cold and that's why the person put it on their cat. They'd hoped that its coldness would upset their cat sufficiently to stimulate and exciting response. No. And it is not a good idea. It could only be uncomfortable if she/he felt it. Why deliberately make your cat uncomfortable?  

Oh, I forgot: to make a silly video.

British Shorthairs are pretty unflappable anyway. You'll find the breed recommended for apartment living because of their character.  And they have very dense fur which is probably the reason why the cat couldn't even feel the cold of the ice cube.


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